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        1. 新聞動態


          The escort work involves many professional operations. Security companies provide professional escort security services. So, what knowledge should be grasped as escort security guards?
          I. Concept of escort security service
          Security service in escort refers to a security activity in which the security company, at the request of customers, assigns a certain number of security personnel to ensure the safe arrival of valuable and dangerous goods at the destination by adopting a series of protective measures in accordance with the provisions of the security service contract.
          2. Characteristic of escort security service
          1. The object of escort is huge. Whether it is the shipment of valuables or cash, it is generally a large quantity and high value. Once the problem occurs, the loss is serious.
          2. There are many links in the process of escorting. Security guards, regardless of whether they are carrying goods or cash, have to go through many links, such as warehousing, loading, transportation, unloading and transferring. A slight negligence in each link may lead to errors, damage and safety problems.
          3. The danger of escort business is great. The policy of escorting precious goods or cash is very big, and it often becomes the main attack policy of illegal elements. The danger of the dangerous goods in escort and the illegal operation in escort may lead to the occurrence of major accidents.
          In general, there are certain rules for escorting in the city. The time and road are relatively fixed, which objectively provides opportunities for illegal elements to deliberately break the law. Security guards may encounter various urgent and unexpected situations when they fight alone during escort.
          4. The impact of the case is great. Once a case of robbery of security escorts occurs, the social impact is great, which directly affects the people's sense of security.